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Due to Covid-19 my physical clinic is closed and all consultations were virtual.
We meet via Facetime, WhatsApp, Viber, Zoom or Skype.
Payment by bank transfer prior to the consultation.
I will send you a Questionnaire by email, there are 27 questions. Fill this in as best as you can and return at your earliest convenience. This questionnaire serves two purposes, to provide information but also to give you an indication and to prepare you for the consultation.
Your initial homeopathic consultation takes about an 90 minutes, kindly allow up a little more time as we accustom ourselves to the virtual world and so that we can run through purchasing your remedy.

You will need to take the time out and arrange for your privacy, please treat the virtual consultation with the same regard as you would give yourself if you visited in person.

The consultation is very in-depth and considers you as a whole, taking note of your mental, physical and emotional state. We will discuss in depth your present condition and possible events that have impacted on your health.
Your consultation is confidential. Homeopathy respects the bodies intelligence and understands that symptoms are are created by your organism to maintain balance and life.  Therefore, symptoms, their locations, the sensation, intensity and causation are crucial to the homeopathic process. 
I will inquire of you your lifestyle, eating habits and preferences, temperament, personality, sleep patterns, your and your family’s medical history and the exact symptoms you are experiencing now.
All of this information, and more, will be collated to gain a holistic  understanding of you.  Having ascertained the nature of your symptoms, your symptoms are matched to the homeopathic remedy.
We will book your next appointment, and I ask that you send me regular updates via email, so that we can monitor your progress and response to the Homeopathic remedy.
Through the course of your treatment we will gain a thorough understanding of your present state and history, the mental, emotional and/or physical knocks that you have had to contend with, from birth to the present day, the reverberations of which may still be impacting on you.  
For hygiene reasons  prescriptions are to be ordered from Helios homeopathic pharmacy. I will of course guide you through the process of ordering your prescription.
Kindly leave a little longer to set up, the consultations may take a little longer.
Email updates and follow-ups visits are important.
The follow up is shorter, up to 45 minutes, and is usually six weeks after the initial consultation, although in some cases it may be sooner.
I will ask you to talk about how you have felt and the changes that have occurred since your homeopathic remedy to monitor your progress and compare how you are with the notes taken at your initial consultation.
Also, after experiencing the homeopathic consultation, you may have realised that there are other symptoms and/or events that have impacted on you, that you wish to talk about.
Repetition of your remedy, changing your remedy, the regularity and the number of consultations you may need varies. 
Your treatment is as individual and unique as you.
I look forward to meeting you.
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