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My homeopathic career began in India in 1984 where I gained clinical experience sitting alongside Dr Vankatarama at his daily surgeries, after which I continued to travel to and from India for several years, studying and practicing homeopathy at a variety of ashrams, orphanages and children’s hostels in India and Sri Lanka. 

In 2001 I returned to the UK, to formalism my years of practical experience with a degree in Homeopathic Medicine at the University of Central Lancashire.

In 2004 a tsunami struck a country I loved. I interrupted my studies and flew to Sri Lanka.
During the initial two years of Tsunami relief work on the East coast of Sri Lanka, I was recruited by the medical relief organisation Homeopaths Without Borders Germany (HOG), and spent over a year as their permanent clinical practitioner, inland representative and clinic coordinator.
Together we provided homeopathic treatment to over 5,000 people affected by civil war and the Tsunami before I returned to the UK to complete my BSc (Hons) in Homeopathic Medicine.
I expected that after treating such severe pathology in the East that working in the UK would be comparatively easy, however my experience is the opposite.  We have become so sophisticated in the West and commonly intervene with suppressive treatments as soon as any discomfort arises.  
Our busy pace of life does not allow us to rest, we reach for the headache pills, the skin creams, the decongestants.... So I found myself moving away from classical homeopathy to using homeopathy in an ad-hoc fashion, and frustrated by this, I limited my homeopathic practice.  Until I found the solution and with further extensive studies in Greece under the great master of Classical Homeopathy, George Vithoulkas and his ground breaking work on levels of health. 
George Vithoulkas recognition of the impact that our complex and sophisticated lifestyle has on the human organism,  combined with an in-depth understanding of classical homeopathy, taught me how to work withing  the science and art of classical homeopathy to restore health, and work along side our biochemical medicines and our busy, complex lives. 

Having scratched my itchy feet sufficiently, I moved to, and opened my clinic in Winchester and opened my clinic in 2016. I practice classical homeopathy in Winchester and online, grounded in precise laws and principles of cure.

My practice here in Winchester has one simple aim – to help you, in your journey into health.

Om Shanti.


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