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Classical Homeopathy
Classical Homeopathy works to precise laws and principles, systematically removing the layers of dis-ease.
We are born to a particular state of health, with predispositions to certain diseases.  As we travel through life our health can suffer a variety of shocks, be they emotional traumas or physical traumas, and we react according to our predispositions.  Each shock, whether mental, emotional or physical has the potential to disrupt our health. For example, a simple skin complaint may become suppressed and start to affect our internal organs, or it may go deep into the emotional body and eventually manifest as depression or even a serious mental illness. Through studying your medical history, including mental and emotional shocks, the Classical Homeopath gains a detailed understanding of the underlying causes of your symptoms, and treats you in a holistic manner so that health can be restored.
All medical practitioners, whether conventional or Homeopathic, wonder at the body’s ability to remain in balance.  The body maintains its precise internal temperature regardless of the environment or the level of physical activity, and yet when the body is under threat it raises its temperature, disrupting any disease or infection and increases the body’s ability to fight them off.   We know this, yet many therapies consider symptoms such as a temperature or fever to be symptoms of a disease which need to be controlled, often creating another layer of diss+ease.

Classical Homeopathy respects the intelligence of the organism and considers mental, emotional and physical symptoms to be the organism’s way of preserving its life. 
George Vitholukas           1932 -
Classical Homeopathy goes beyond considering health to be simply the physical body. Good health means considering the entire physical, emotional and mental health of the individual, systematically removing the layers to restore health. 
The first principle of Classical Homeopathy is similia similibus curantur, which translates as like cures like.  When one prescribes the right homeopathic remedies, the healing takes place. It is as simple as that.
My own knowledge of Classical Homeopathy comes from many years of study and clinical experience.  As a Classical Homeopath I aspire to be an unprejudiced observer, knowing that physical or emotional symptoms are indicators of dis-ease rather than the illness itself. Just as a broken arm makes opening a jar difficult, long-standing or recent physical, emotional and mental difficulties can make life a daily struggle. It is the underlying causes which must be treated to remove the symptoms, to allow a return to the natural state of health. 
James Tyler Kent         1849 - 1916
Founder of Homeopathy 
   Samuel Hahnemann
         1755 -1843
My work as a Classical Homeopath is to gain an understanding of your health, medical history and current symptoms, and prescribe the on the principle of like cures like, systematically removing each layer, gently restoring you to health.
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