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E-learning with the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

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This 2 year on-line academic education program is based on the highest educational standards according to the principles of Samuel Hahnemann


This complete course on Classical Homeopathy, addressed to both beginners and experienced homeopaths. The beginners will come to know and acquire a solid foundation on the Science of Homeopathy and the advanced Homeopaths will comprehend the deeper points of Homeopathy according to the guidelines of Prof. Vithoulkas.


The course covers 5 Thematic Units (Theory, Materia Medica, Repertorization, Q&A and Cases) in 9 Training Modules:

  • Theory A & B, Offering the necessary foundation and knowledge on homeopathic principles and practice

  • Materia Medica A,B & C, Covering 150+ remedies and important keynotes

  • Repertorization and Topics, Presenting the basics of Repertorization and general topics relating to Homeopathy

  • Questions and Answers,  an on line Modorator lead forum.

  • Cases and Analysis A, B & C, Live and paper cases with in depth Analysis, long follow-up and prescribing strategies


Parallel with every each video, there are indications of the portions of books of Hahnemann, Kent and Vithoulkas, corresponding to the teaching, that the students have to study.


The new and pioneering theory of the Levels of Health will enable the students to deeply understand the process their patient is going through and they will understand when to apply, what potency, how often to repeat it and what to expect as a reaction.


They will have the possibility to follow the long-term treatment of many cases, how George Vithoulkas takes the case, how he analyses and synthesizes the information in order to find the correct remedy, what strategies he uses to come to a prescription and how he differentiates the remedies.


It consists of 300 hours of video & audio, 300 hours of study and 150 hours of clinical practice (total:750 hours).

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