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We provided homeopathic treatment to over 5,000 people affected by civil war and the Tsunami before I returned to the UK to complete my BSc (Hons) in Homeopathic Medicine.


It is only since I have been practicing in the UK that I have realised how unusual my clinical background is. I have experienced the differing levels of health in different countries, seen pathology that would not be seen in the West and experienced and learnt from the wisdom of so many knowledgeable and skilful homeopaths.


I expected that after such an experience that working in the UK would be comparatively easy; however, we have become so sophisticated in the West and commonly intervene to remove symptoms  as soon as any discomfort arises.  Our busy pace of life does not allow us to rest and allow ourselves to recover or consider the root causes of our dis-ease; we reach for the headache pills, the skin creams, the decongestants....  I found the solution and with further extensive studies in Greece under the great master of Classical Homeopathy, George Vithoulkas, I am now happy to practice in the UK as a Classical Homeopath grounded in the principles of homeopathy laid down by Samual Hahnemann and Constantine Herings' law of cure.  



Om Shanti.



About Me


My homeopathic career began in South India, where I gained clinical experience sitting alongside Dr Vankatarama at his daily surgeries, after which I continued to travel and study in India for several years, practising homeopathy in a variety of ashrams, orphanages and children’s hostels.


I returned to the UK, to formalise my years of practical experience with a degree in Homeopathic Medicine at the University of Central Lancashire. However, in 2004 the Boxing Day Tsunami struck, and I immediately interrupted my studies and flew to Sri Lanka. 





During the initial two years of Tsunami relief work I was recruited by the medical relief organisation Homeopaths Without Borders Germany (HOG), and spent over a year as their permanent clinical practitioner and coordinator.

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